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About Heather 

Hi, my name is Heather, and as a mom myself, I know how difficult it can be to find that work/life balance. As a Virtual Assistant, I strive to use my skills to help out the other mompreneurs out there. If you're a female business owner, blogger, crafter, or just a mom who needs some help, I'm here for you. (Don't worry, though - if you were born with an XY set of chromosomes, I'll still help you out!)

As an your VA, I can help you with a multitude of tasks, but I especially love anything to do with editing or proofreading. Words were my first true love, and I’ve been reading since I was a tiny little girl. In college, I discovered the joy of editing, and I knew that’s what I’d like to do with my life. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but there is a certain pleasure in taking someone else’s words and making them come to life.

With a degree in English Literature, and almost 20 years’ experience as an administrative assistant, I have all the tools necessary to help you take your newsletters, blog, or social media content from drab to daring. I can also help you research, edit, and proofread your webpage, e-book, or even just tidy up a word document!  Nothing would make me happier than helping you turn out amazing copy!

When I’m not working, I love spending time outdoors. Hiking, camping, and backpacking are all fun, but I also enjoy just working in my vegetable garden or tending my bees. My husband is a world-class foodie, and we go on lots of eating adventures together (our honeymoon was a 10-day restaurant-hopping road trip). Lastly, we have two amazing children. They make both eating out and backpacking more difficult … but that’s ok, because they are super cute!

I am very grateful that I am finally at a point in life where I can make a living out of my love of the written word. This career is rewarding in so many ways. Not only has it allowed me to rediscover my creativity and love of editing, but it also allows me to spend more (much-needed!) time with my little family. I hope that by helping you to lighten your load, you can find more time to rediscover what you love! 


Using Virtual Assistant Services can help put vital hours back into your day. Your Virtual Wordsmith will allow you to once again focus on the things that you love. Instead of worrying about mundane tasks (like newsletter management, editing, or research), you can concentrate on those things that truly bring you happiness.

Whether you are a work-at-home-mom, small business owner, or an up-and-coming author, I can help you out.  In fact, as a small-business-owner AND a work-at-home mom, I understand your struggles more than most! As your virtual assistant, I can become part of your team for a one-off task, or we can develop an ongoing working relationship. I am located in Lawrenceville, NJ, and I can connect with you online via email or skype, via telephone or SMS. If you would like to get in touch, just visit my contact page!

Below are a selection of some of my more popular services:

Newsletter Management 

Email Marketing is an effective way to communicate with your clients and to help you build a database. I offer a variety of packages, which may include initial set-up of your own MailChimp account, proofreading and editing of content (provided by you), setting up custom templates, adding images, and integrating with social media. 

Editorial Work

Freelance editorial support is the perfect solution for anyone from the frazzled small-businesses owner to the time-crunched author. I can help you out with something as simple as a Word document that needs formatting, or something as time-consuming as an e-book that needs editing. My editorial packages include services such as proofreading, copy-editing, typing and proofing manuscripts, and research and fact-checking.

A la Carte Services

Please contact me to discuss any other projects you may need help with. I offer services such as social media management, form creation, and general admin work.

* For detailed information on pricing, turnaround time, and other technicalities, please view our full Business Policies document. 

What our clients say: 

"Heather is very detailed oriented and organized my email account in short order. She is amazing and hopefully will continue to work with us."

- Kathy Adams, Chapter Coordinator at Project Linus

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